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RockIt Records & Recording Catalog


Forest Fire/Lighter Fluid

Forkes, Rick/Suitable For Framing

Jesse S/Run Soul Run

Koch, Greg/Greg Koch and the Tone Controls

Koch, Greg/Strats Got Your Tongue

Koch, Greg/Double The Gristle

Koch, Greg/Defenestrator

Koch, Greg/Past and Present (1993-2000)

Koch, Greg/4 Days in the South

Lansing, Mark/Solstice

Lee, Dustin/On My Way Back Home

Leviathans Choir/Breach

Mac, Peter/Submarine

Mac, Peter/Tightly Wrapped


Profits/Sign of the Dollar

Profits/Far From You and Your Everyday Noise

Reverend Raven/LIVE at Blues on Grand

Ristow-Danks, Jerry/Out Of The Box

Spiral Trance/As We Are (EP)

The Steves/NV

Tanin, Gary/Anthology I (1967-1971)

Tanin, Gary/Anthology II (1973-1980)

Tanin, Gary/Sublime Nation

Twang Dragons/Shakin & Twitchin

Xpensive Dogs/Xpensive Dogs/Wat Tyler (Split CD)

Xpensive Dogs/Dog Eat Dog