Greg Koch: Defenestrator

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Greg Koch/Defenestrator

Format: CD
Label: Distributed by RockIt Records
Genre: Rock+
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1. Holy Grail
2. Defenestrator
3. Fall From Grace
4. Absinthe
5. Ziggie's Reprise
6. Pink Toenails
7. NashVegas
8. Chief's Blues
9. Your Face
10. The Grip
11. Cracker Jack Tattoo


Greg Koch
John Calarco
Tom Good
Steve Cohen


With Defenestrator, guitarist extraordinaire and Fender clinician Greg Koch has dropped another platter of soulful 6-string pyrotechnics on the heads of a grateful audience. On these 11 mostly instrumental tracks, Greg ranges across many genres and styles, giving a distinct nod to Jeff Beck in many places, including the title track. On other tracks, like "Fall from Grace,"   Koch demonstrates considerable rock-pop songwriting skill, crafting hummable tunes spiced with electrifying solo breaks. Though you may not hear the band plastered over the FM radio, lovers of guitar should look and listen for Greg and his band on the road (or at one of his numerous clinics) and dig one of the finest players in the country.
Fender Frontline Magazine
Vol. #26