About RockIt Records & Recording

About RockIt Records & Recording

RockIt Records & Recording, a Division of Heavygunz Enterprises Inc; is an independent boutique record label providing a wide variety of recording related services to the musicianís community.

Founded by musicians for musicians, RR&R is devoted to promoting the finest musicians, bands, ensembles, and composers through the production of quality recordings for release on our label. We also provide targeted distribution of recordings released on the RockIt Records & Recording label, other labels, and independent releases. We record and release projects based on our stringent standards of artistic quality and content, not in accordance with some corporate mandated schedule.

In addition to supporting our own artist roster, RR&R provides a full line of competitively priced recording related services in support of commercial and noncommercial releases for independent artists and other labels. The list of services includes, but is not limited to, CD Manufacturing (Replication and Duplication), Project Management, Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and Graphic Design. A complete line of DVD services is also available. Contact us at Services@RockItRecordsUSA.com for more information or pricing quotations.

Never losing sight of the fact that artists must survive in the "Music Business", RR&R understands and navigates the complexities of the recorded music business on behalf of our represented artists, allowing the artists to focus on the art and not get bogged down by the business.

RR&R strives to foster and propagate a supportive and synergetic environment for our artists and customers in a business that is all too often viewed as cannibalistic.

Perhaps most importantly, RR&R remembers why we got into the music business in the first place... to make music, share musical ideas, and to have fun!

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Please Note: RockIt Records & Recording does not accept or retain unsolicited material, recorded or otherwise, submitted for review, audition or other consideration.