Professional Services


In addition to supporting our own artist roster, RR&R provides a full line of competitively priced recording related services in support of commercial and noncommercial releases for independent artists and other labels.







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CD (Replication) and CD-R (Duplication) Manufacturing

DVD Manufacturing*
  (DVD-5, DVD-9, and DVD-10 formats, See note below)

Vinyl Record Manufacturing
  (7 inch, 12 inch)


Mixing & Mastering

Studio Recording

Remote/Location Recording

Project Management

Executive Production Services & Consulting

Graphic Design & Layout

Printing & Packaging (CD Inserts, Custom Packaging, Promo Material)


UPC & ISRC Codes**
   (See note below)

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*DVD Note:

DVD-5 A one-sided single-layer DVD disc that can contain up to 4.38 gigabytes** of data.

DVD-9 A one-sided two-layer DVD disc that can hold up to 7.95 gigabytes** of data.

DVD-10 A two-sided DVD disc that can hold up to 4.38 gigabytes** on each side. During playback, the disc must be flipped to access the data on each side.

*Many manufacturers market discs claiming 4.7 gigabytes (DVD-5) or 8.5 gigabytes (DVD-9). These values are misleading and are based on the premise that a gigabyte is equal to 1000 megabytes. In actuality, one gigabyte is equal to 1024 megabytes.

** UPC & ISRC Note:

Unlike other providers, all UPC/barcodes and ISRC codes issued by RockIt Records & Recording meet all specified issuance standards established by the governing bodies who author the standards for the issuance and use of these codes for all varieties of media distribution.