News & Press Releases

Press Releases

  Dustin Lee/On My Way Back Home

  Peter Mac/Tightly Wrapped

  The Steves/NV
  Peter Mac/Submarine
  Reverend Raven/Live at Blues on Grand
  Greg Koch/The Early CD's
  Jesse S/Run Soul Run
  XPensive Dogs/Dog Eat Dog
  Twang Dragons/Shakin & Twitchin
  Leviathans Choir/Breach
  Forest Fire/Lighter Fluid
  Jerry Ristow-Danks/Out Of The Box
  Rick Forkes/Suitable For Framing
  RockIt Records & Recording/Great Lakes Region

News & Reviews

  Dustin Lee/On My Way Back Home/Review/Sea of Tranquility

  Dustin Lee/On My Way Back Home/Review/ExpressMilwaukee

  Dustin Lee/On My Way Back Home/Review/DoctorK'sKitchen

  Dustin Lee/mi2n/On My Way Back Home/Release

  XPensive Dogs/DogEatDog/
  XPensive Dogs/DogEatDog/Review/BigO Magazine
  Twang Dragons/Shepherd Express/Photo Essay
  Twang Dragons/Journal Sentinel Summerfest/Review

  TJ Oman/Shepherd Express Off The Cuff

  WAMI 2005/JournalSentinel

  Peter Mac/mi2n/Tightly Wrapped
  Reverend Raven/mi2n/Live at Blues on Grand
  Gary Tanin/mi2n/Sublime Nation
  Twang Dragons/JournalSentinel Local Riffs

  Gary Tanin/Shepherd Express A&E
  XPensive Dogs/
  Forest Fire/Summerfest

  Greg Koch/JournalSentinel Local Riffs
  Greg Koch/Guitar Player Magazine

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