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Since expanding into southeastern Wisconsin, RockIt Records & Recording, A Division of Heavygunz Enterprises, Inc. has been busy infiltrating the local music scene and is happy to announce the following news from the Great Lakes Region:


Dale Sellers, an absolute Master of the Fender Telecaster, is spending time in the studio working on his new solo release. The yet untitled CD will feature an array of Dale's fretboard prowess covering a blend of original tunes as well as some classic standards. After hearing this CD, you'll understand why Dale was an A-List session player in Nashville for over two decades and why the one-and-only Chet Atkins cited Dale as one of his own personal favorite guitar players.


Mark Lansing labored for over two years to bring his solo CD debut, titled "Solstice", to fruition. The ten tracks range in style from guitar driven rockers to lush ballads that will make the ladies swoon. RR&R will act as a non-exclusive distributor for the CD. Order now!


Dustin Lee worked in the studio for over five months recording "On My Way Back Home." The project coupled him with a number of seasoned professionals who provided extraordinary performance support. The CD was an entry in the Contemporary Folk category for the Grammy Awards and the title track took winning honors in the Folk Category at the Indian Summer Music Awards (ISMA). The finished product spotlights his powerful vocals and is available here.  MP3 downloads are available at both Amazon and iTunes.


Art in Context

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