Dustin Lee: On My Way Back Home

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2010 ISMA Winner

"On My Way Back Home"

Folk Category

Dustin Lee / On My Way Back Home

Format: CD
Label: RockIt Records
Genre: Americana, Folk, with a Slight Tinge of Country
Description: Folksy, intimate, moving, poignant tunes done with a big, powerful voice.
Price: $15.00
(this CD is also available for download on iTunes & Amazon)


My Judgment Day

On My Way Back Home

The Great Flood

Small Town

Time For A Change

It Used To Be Me

Hawkeye Prairie Heartbeat

I'm Holdin On

It Was You

I'm Alright

Dry Creek

My Wish

Hands of His Father


Dustin Lee

Kathi Sabby

Dr. John K

Rick Forkes

Rick Lacy

Shawn Fraise

Bruce Riddiough

John S. Laidlaw
John Thomas

Produced by TJ Oman

Mastered by Gary S. Tanin; GTLabs, Milwaukee, WI

Comments about this CD

(as posted by listeners on Facebook)

Love the songs on your new CD.

Karen Hertel Engberg

Listening right now!! Really great!!

Pamela A. Belger

Hey man, the new album is the bomb...ready to hear it live...

Mike Mcdowell

I love the lyrics, I think eveyone can listen to this and think it was written about them or about a part of their life. Every now and then you think you know someone's song writing and then they blow you a way with some REAL lyrics. Thanks it was and is awesome.

Brian Inman

Everytime I listen to the CD I find something else to like about it. Great Job!

Mike Stone

Awesome CD. I haven't taken it out of my player since i got it last week. Keep us posted on any new projects.

Marty Taeger


I LOVE THE CD! My favorite is Hawkeye Prairie Heartbeat. Love the instrumental!

Stephanie C. Prosen

I bought it people. It is wonderful! Buy it.

Jennifer Hawes

buy it...its GOOOOOD!!!

Pam Jones Grande

…everyone definitely should buy the new record!! I enjoyed it. Great work on the album…

Linda Fraise