Greg Koch: Past and Present

RockIt Records & Recording Catalog


Greg Koch and the Tone Controls/Past and Present

Format: CD
Label: Distributed by RockIt Records
Genre: Rock+
Description: Guitar Intensity to the Nth degree
Price: $14.00


1. Goon
2. Fall From Grace
3. Heed The Need*
4. Carlos Dale
5. Forever At Last**
6. Spank It***
7. Mean Streak*
8. Flyover Country**
9. Zoiks
10. Too Broke*
11. All The Same**
12. Tonus Diabolicus*
13. Blind Lemon Pledge
14. Dr. Jekyll*
15. Albert's Back
16. Dylan The Villain**
17 Foolish Mortals***

* From "Greg Koch and the Tone Controls"
** From "Double The Gristle"
*** From "Strats Got Your Tongue"


Greg Koch
Gary Koehler
Kevin Mushel
Sam Steffke
Kevin Allen
Tom Good
John Calarco
Matt Meixner
T Lavitz
Michael Walls