The Steves: NV

RockIt Records & Recording Catalog

The Steves/NV

Format: CD
Label: RockIt Records
Genre: Rock, Pop, Ballads
Description: Camp, Punchy, Thick, Lush, Polished, Sometimes Gritty
Price: $10.99
(this CD is also available for download on iTunes & Amazon)


1. Don't Turn Back
2. You & Me
3. Slow Motion Walter
4. The Wall
5. Dixon Rockenstein
6. Set My Picture Free
7. Wheels Ain't Square
8. Don't Be Skinny
9. Automatic
10. Anything
11. Deja Voodoo
12. Gotta Get Out
13. Hard Cored
14. All Over Now
15. Bla


Steve Haas
Steve Spectrum
Wade 'Flash' Stevenson
Steve Lange
Rob Forest
Kurt Nelson
Davey Horn
Mike Laqua

Available on Audio Cassette from Bent Records; Minneapolis, MN