Greg Koch: Double The Gristle

RockIt Records & Recording Catalog


Greg Koch and the Tone Controls/Double The Gristle

Format: CD
Label: Distributed by RockIt Records
Genre: Rock+
Description: 2-CD set from the Stratomaster
Price: $16.00


Disk One (Studio)

1. Forever At Last
2. Good Old Days
3. All The Same
4. Blackhawk Suite
5. Rain, Sleet or Snow
6. Flyover Country
7. Lost And Found
8. Come And Gone
9. Dylan The Villain
10. Give And Take
11. Malice Aforethought

Disk Two (Live)

1. Spanish Castle Magic
2. Surf Zep
3. Heed The Need
4. Steppin' Out
5. Cause We've Ended As Lovers
6. Freedom
7. Shot From The Saddle
8. Spank It
9. Red House
10. Tonus Diabolicus
11. Stone Free


Greg Koch
Gary Koehler
Kevin Allen
Ron Garrett
Willy Porter
John Calarco