Peter Mac: Submarine

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Peter Mac / Submarine

Format: CD
Label: Distributed by RockIt Records
Genre: Progressive, Rock, Jazz
Description: Intricate and Intense Guitar Work, Mostly Instrumental
Price: $14.00


1. Flying Below Radar
2. Submarine
3. Captain Thang
4. The Healing
5. Pinky
6. Romeo Blue
7. Slap
8. Up
9. The Man Behind The Face
10. Touch
11. Jeff
12. By Your Side
13. Ghost


Peter Mac
Del Bennett
Sam Ecoff
Larry Moore
Carlton Thompson


Diversity should be Peter Mac's middle name. All his 5 releases are different in style and musical structure. His latest, "Submarine" (MacLab), is his most confident and consistent to date.

While guys like Stevie Ray Vaughn and Robin Trower follow the Jimi  Hendrix philosophy of guitar playing, on "Submarine" we can hear more Jeff Beck and Joe Satriani influences in Peter Mac's work. I said influences, not copying style. Mac is an original and always has been. Whether as a session player on MTV, Midwest Airlines and Kimberly Clark commercials, (as) a member of Streetlife, or as a guitar instructor at Guitar Lab and the Waukesha Conservatory of Music, his style is always apparent.

Standouts on the guitar instrumental album include: Captain Thang, Flying Below Radar, The Man Behind The Face, and Touch, which features a guest vocal by Carlton Thompson.

Duane Rodriguez

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