Reverend Raven featuring Madison Slim: Live at Blues on Grand

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Feb 11, 2000 - JournalSentinel
Jan 17, 2005 - mi2n

Reverend Raven/Live at Blues on Grand

Format: CD
Label: Nevermore
Genre: Blues
Description: Looking for Blues? ... This is the Real Deal!
Price: $15.00



1. I'm Your Honeyboy
2. Loving You
3. Got Love If You Want It
4. I've Got To Be With You Tonight
5. Bee Hive Baby
6. Bye Bye Baby
7. In The Open
8. Louise
9. Who's Been Talkin
10. Sweet Man
11. Please Let Me Explain
12. The Back Scratcher
13. I Can't Get You Off My Mind


Reverend Raven
Madison Slim (Jimmy Rogers, The Legendary Blues Band, Sam Lay Blues Band)
Andre Maritato
Kid Panosh


I give this cd, Reverend Raven featuring Madison Slim "Live At The Blues On Grand", my highest rating of (7) harps and (it) is my favorite cd so far this year. I give The Reverend Raven my "Muddy Waters Torch Carrier Award" and to Madison Slim my coveted "Nasty Harp Award " for being so NASTY SOUNDING, oh yeah!!
Steve Harvell

Bluzharp Magazine
September 2004

"Live at Blues on Grand" features three Reverend Raven originals and covers of Slim Harpo, Freddie King, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Frank Frost, and more. This four piece band puts out a big sound and I know they had the Kalamazoo crowd on their feet at the 2003 Festival. Crank this one up and you'll feel like you're there. Definitely put this on your buy list!
Kalamazoo Blues Society

Wow "Live at Blues On Grand" is ONE HELL of an album!!! I'm proud to give it some "spins" on Triple R Blues Radio!!!
T Panningen
Triple R Blues Radio

"These guys are very good!"

Buddy Guy
Blues Legend