Limited Edition, Pre-Release (LEPR) CD's

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Limited Edition, Pre-Release (LEPR) CDís

RockIt Records & Recording periodically issues Limited Edition, Pre Release CDís of select projects. Limited to only 100 copies, these CDís are burned directly from the REFERENCE MASTER CD. Each disc is numbered and a record of the original owner is maintained by RockIt Records & Recording.

Since a LEPR is a direct copy, laser burned to a CD-R instead of pressed from a mold like a commercial CD, Limited Edition Pre-Release CDís are more fragile than their commercial counterparts. They are less tolerant of extreme temperatures and sunlight, and more susceptible to physical damage. Please handle these discs with extra care.

Commercial CDís follow the LEPR, usually within a few months. You may want to consider purchasing the commercial disc when it becomes available and maintaining your Limited Edition, Pre Release strictly as a collectable.

RockIt Records & Recording will continue to periodically release Limited Edition, Pre Release copies of select recordings. They will continue to be available to collectors until they are gone. Look for additional Limited Edition Pre Release opportunities in the future.


Limited Edition, Pre-Release CDís

(Limited Copies Available)

Xpensive Dogs/ Dog Eat Dog

The Steves/NV

(Coming Soon, Not Yet Issued)

Woo Devanes/Ventura

Woo Devanes/Come On