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Format: 7" Single
Label: Hexagon 944S-3328 (Stereo)
Genre: Rock, Garage, MN/Midwest Regional, Collectable
Description: Soft Rock b/w Fuzzy Guitar Psych
Price: $20.00


A: Together (Darell Sleen)

B: Dark Of The Morning (Warren Kendrick)


Now available for the first time:   

Original Pressing of the 7”single/45rpm by ZOSER.


This record is the never-released “missing link” from the recording/production catalog of Warren Kendrick, the legendary producer from Minneapolis.

In "The Scotty Story", a compilation CD featuring artist's from "Minnesota's Legendary '60s Rock Label", Kendrick described ZOSER as one of his "project bands." Kendrick authored "Dark Of The Morning" for Zoser and originally intended it as the 'A' side. It was only post-production that "Together", the number penned by Zoser bass player Darell Sleen, became the more evident choice as the 'A' side.


Recorded in 1971 at the famed AUDIO CITY studio on Lake Street in Minneapolis, these tracks were previously available only on a grossly misrepresented album released in France many years later.

Eva Records, located in Paris, released a poorly transcribed mono LP album titled “LITTER-RARE TRACKS” (Eva 12013). The Eva album was billed as the “mother lode” of obscure tracks recorded by the legendary LITTER, by far the most famous band that worked under Kendrick's tutelage. The Label Notes, in part, state the following:


“The 14 tracks were produced by the mentor of the band,  Warren Kendrick,   who used the Litter musicians to record also some obscure singles under the name of ‘Twas Brilling, Electras, Zoser, and other White Lightning. Thus “Dirty old man” or “Soul searchin'” were played identically by Litter under several names of groups.”


These liner notes, in addition to being grammatically poor, do not represent the facts. The Litter, ‘Twas Brilling, Electras, Zoser, and White Lightning were legitimate and separate Minnesota band's... each one recording their own material with Kendrick.


Some believe the Eva record to be a bootleg. Others suspect it may have been a licensed deal made in Europe serving as a compilation of SCOTTSIDE (BMI) tunes and/or a tome to Warren Kendrick. In any case, the Eva LP is the only place the ZOSER tracks have ever been available… until now!


RockIt Records offers a very limited number of the original pressing on the Hexagon label. This offering is restricted to available stock only. When these originals are gone, they are gone forever. This record will not be repressed. Order now to own this elusive piece of Minneapolis Music and Warren Kendrick history!

An Absolute Must Have for collectors of Minneapolis "Garage Band" Rock!