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Gary Tanin/Otto & The Elevators

Format: 12" LP
Label: Vera 6075
Price: $13.00


1. Elevator Operator
2. Up Down Lovin'
3. Motorhead
4. Love Me For Tonight
5. Boss Rat

6. Help Me
7. I Love You So Much
8. Then We Were Happy
9. I'll Still Be Here
10. Can You Believe Me


Gary Tanin
Dave Phillips (Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra)

Dan Schmitt

Jef Eaton

Willie Pionke

Bob Knetzger

Darrel Bloch

John Sherba

Dave Dorfman

Jack Welter

Maria Tanin

Produced by Gary Tanin

Engineered & Mastered by Joe Guliani

Recorded at Plynth Studios, Libertyville, IL