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Operation Desert Disc / ROCK2IRAQ


Music has always been one of the most powerful connections to “home” for American soldiers, sailors, and airmen deployed.   This recent holiday season saw many fine, young Americans spending their holidays on foreign soil, in harms way, constantly subjected to fear and danger.


In an effort to provide a morale boost to deployed troops, RockIt Records & Recording™ established Rock2Iraq: Operation Desert Disc … a program to ship music CDs to troops deployed overseas during the holiday season. RockIt Records and their artists donated a broad collection of CDs for shipment. A handful of other local artists answered the call and donated CDs also. Thanks to the generosity of the participating artists, hundreds of CDs were distributed as holiday gifts to a diverse and appreciative new audience of front-line warriors. On the ground logistics in Iraq were provided by military contacts stationed at LSA Anaconda, Balad, Iraq.


Thanks to all the artists who donated their CD's as part of this holiday program!


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